Bedroom Ideas For Teenagers


Decorating a bedroom for your teenage children can often be more problematic than enjoyable, fortunately there are plenty of tips and ideas out there to get you on your way and earn some brownie points with your kids. The trick is to know what your child’s hobbies and interests are and incorporate these into the room. Of course it doesn’t hurt involving them in the decision making process (as well as the actual decorating) to ensure they aren’t in with a nasty surprise when it’s all finished.

Here are some of our top tips to making your teenager’s bedroom more stylish and practical than the stereotypical dirt infested room.

Decide On A Colour Palette
Try and steer clear of colours associated with younger children, as we are sure a teenager won’t appreciate this. Instead opt for fresh and vivid colours that help to breath a bit of life into the room. You can always keep the walls light and simple and then add a feature wall that has a more adventurous colour scheme.

Develop A Theme
As we mentioned it is important to know your child’s interests and then you can use this as a central theme to the room. This can be anything from their favourite colour to whether they are into computers and should have a work area specifically allocated to this.

This is undoubtedly an important time in your child’s life so let them have some say as to what they want from their room. Allowing them self-expression through paint choices or the artwork they place on the walls will make them feel more comfortable and happy in their room, rather than having them resent the decorating choices you made for them.

Be Aware Tastes Change
Just like their moods, teenagers tastes change from one minute to the next so it is important to be aware of this before you go all out an a bedroom theme. A good way to counteract this is to look for ways to save money, vintage shops are a great way to find furniture with character and at reasonable prices, making changes in decorating cheaper and they also give the room more character than the usual IKEA kits.

Storage And Desks
Incorporating interesting and smart storage is a good way to keep a bedroom clutter free and having good quality desk is integral to keeping your tween sat down and doing their homework in comfort. Think of smart ways to incorporate these things into their rooms, a good way of clearing space is to have beds with space for storage under them or even bed frames that have built in drawers.

Finishing Touches
It wouldn’t be a teenager’s room if it didn’t have the distinctive teenage elements to them; we’re talking games consoles, televisions and beauty mirrors. So try to think of smart ways of incorporating them into the room without having them take up all the space.