Criminals Can’t Escape the Watchful Eye


In a world where crime can be around every corner, CCTV systems are a useful tool. Using the cameras, the system can catch and record anyone who walks into the path of the cameras, storing a video file of the recorded person on a hard drive. Criminals who don’t think twice about entering an area will learn their lesson when they’re caught and realize that they’ve been arrested because of their own stupidity. I know just how useful a CCTV system can because my own home was the victim of an attempted robbery, and the system was able to catch the robber in the act.

Robbers have gotten more bold with their actions, but there are some who wait until night time to do their evil deeds. The robber who tried to enter my home did so in the middle of the night. I had been sleeping for hours and didn’t hear anything while it was happening. The robber had a lock picking kit that he tried to use to get the door open. My door has more than one lock, so he was at it for a while. Meanwhile, the cameras were just recording him while he was doing it. The robber had a mask on his face, but took it off while attempting to pick the lock because it was interfering with his vision.

The robber eventually opened the locks and started to open the door, and that’s when the alarm system went off. The robber ran away when he heard the alarm and saw the flashing lights. The alarm woke me up and the police arrived shortly after that. I checked the CCTV footage and showed it to the police. Hours later they were able to track down the robber using the footage and put him in jail.